stephanie rumberger


Ever get the feeling you are playing some vast and useless game to which you donít know the goal, and canít remember the rules?
Ever get the fierce desire to quit, to resign, to forfeit, only to discover thereís no umpire, no referee, no regulator, to whom to announce your capitulation?
Ever get the vague dread that while you have no choice but to play the game, you canít win it, canít even know the score, or who keeps it?
Ever suspect that you donít even know who your real opponent might be?
You are a gamer whether you like it or not, now that we all live in a gamespace that is everywhere and nowhere.

McKenzie Wark. Gamer Theory

Examensausstellung 2015, AdbK MŁnchen

Hysterisierung der Weiblichkeit // Gamespaces // Pornification. Malerei und Installation, Keramiken

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